Family Voices

At LACL, there is something we know for sure:  the most effective change agent for children and adults with developmental disabilities is families themselves.

Our own history is living proof that collective family voices are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to:

  • advocating for inclusion
  • developing policies
  • providing access to services for families and their loved ones

The spirit of this grassroots movement is still alive and well in LACL and is clearly evident in Family Voices – a network of families that collectively advocates for children and adults with developmental disabilities.  While LACL’s Family Voices represents the South Region of Alberta, it is also connected to other Family Voices groups throughout the province.

What does Family Voices Do?
We connect families together in an effort to advocate for their loved ones.  We also:

  • organize what is required to support family (logistics such as arranging meetings and locations, taking minutes, etc.)
  • help other families to participate in collective activity
  • aim to improve the lives of people with developmental disabilities

Our goal is to have a strong base of members who are aware and actively involved in influencing the development of regional and provincial policy and practices for children’s services, PDD, health as well as boards of education.

Would you like to become involved?
LACL is proudly inclusive.  That means any family member can be involved.


If you would like to know more, feel free to

  1. call us at 327.2911
  2. send us an email
  3. drop by the office Monday – Friday between 8 -5 (527 6th st. south)