What We Believe

Our Vision
Every person can live and participate in the community lifelong.

Our Mission
Our mission is to advocate for and support individuals with developmental disabilities and their families/guardians so they can live:

  • as valued citizens
  • free of discrimination
  • enjoying all rights, responsibilities and benefits of citizenship

Our Values
At L.A.C.L., we value the whole person, the whole family and the whole community. We believe that the more diverse and welcoming a community is, the healthier it is.  Everyone belongs.

Funded services can be a support to individuals striving for a rich meaningful life in the real community but to be effective these services need to be directed by the individual or their family.

We also believe that everyone has the right…

  • to be part of a family
  • to have a home
  • to community involvement
  • to an education
  • to employment
  • to friendships
  • to leisure
  • to spirituality

The Lethbridge Association for Community Living works in partnership with the community and and all stake holders in insuring every person has the opportunity to live a rich full life in a community that values their potential  and ability to contribute. L.A.C.L. does not depend on government funding for our advocacy and support for individuals with disabilities and their families.